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City Pass makes it easy for you to get around in Copenhagen and Zealand with public transport

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Travel around Copenhagen and Zealand inexpensively and easily on buses, trains, metro and harbour buses any time of day with a City Pass. 

Choose between five types of City Pass:

  • City Pass Small covers Copenhagen + the trip from the airport to the City of Copenhagen (zones 1-4)

  • City Pass South* covers the Southern part of Zealand + Lolland, Falster and Møn (zones 201-299)

  • City Pass West* covers the Western part of Zealand (zones 101-199)

  • City Pass Large covers Copenhagen + the Greater Copenhagen area (zones 1-99)

  • City Pass X-Large* covers Copenhagen and all of Zealand + Lolland, Falster and Møn (zones 1-299)

*City Pass X-Large, West and South are only available on the DOT Tickets app

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Buy your City Pass here

You can buy your City Pass on the DOT Tickets app and in the ticket vending machines on all train and metro stations.

Download DOT Tickets app here:



With a City Pass you can:

  • Enjoy unlimited travel on buses, trains and the metro in Copenhagen from the moment you arrive in Copenhagen 
  • Travel easily to and from the airport without worrying about where to purchase tickets, the types of tickets available or travel zones
  • With your City Pass, two children under 12 years of age can travel with you free of charge
Rejs med City Pass

Enjoy the flexibility ranging from 24 hours to 5 days

With a City Pass you can enjoy unlimited travel on buses, trains, and the metro all day and all night. The more you use your City Pass, the better a deal it will be for you.

  • City Pass Small (24-120 hours)
    Price: 80-300 kr.
  • City Pass Large (24-120 hours)
    Price: 160-600 kr.
  • City Pass X-Large (24 hours)
    Price: 260 kr.
  • City Pass Vest (24 hours)
    Price: 160 kr.
  • City Pass Syd (24 hours)
    Price: ​160 kr.

With a City Pass you can bring two children under 12 years of age with you free of charge. City Pass is also available for children under 16 years of age for 50% off the adult price.

Explore with City Pass

Explore with your City Pass

It is easy and inexpensive to enjoy the many experiences available in and around Copenhagen and Zealand, as the City Pass offers unlimited travel with metro, bus or train.

Find more information and plan your journey on our tourist website

Do you need help or information?

On our tourist website​ you will find all you need to know about public transport in and outside Copenhagen.

If you need an answer right away, please call DOT customer service: +45 7015 7000 (opening hours: 8:00 - 16:00).

Questions and answers about City Pass
Do you need more than one City Pass?

With the DOT Tickets app you can buy several City Passes on one phone.

You can also buy a City Pass on each of your phones. Then you are not dependent on traveling together all the time. 

It may be a good idea to have your City Pass on your own phone in case you and your fellow travellers split up and visit different places in Copenhagen.

How can I see when my City Pass will expire?

If you have a City Pass in the DOT Tickets app

Then you can see the expiration date on the ticket in the app.

If you have purchased a City Pass in a ticket vending machine

Then you can see the expiration date on the ticket itself.

Is my City Pass valid on all buses, trains and the entire metro?

Yes, all buses, trains and the metro in the Capital Region are included. The City Pass is also valid for harbour buses which can take you across the canal to the Opera.

Can I use my City Pass on the harbour buses?

Yes, City Pass can be used for the harbour buses, which among others stop at the Opera, Nyhavn and The Royal Library. 

What if the battery on my phone runs out?

It's your responsibility to make sure that your phone is charged and does not run out of battery.

You may receive an inspection fee, if you are unable to show your ticket on your phone.

Will the City Pass save me money on travel?

Besides making things much more convenient for you, the City Pass is also an inexpensive option.

In comparison, an individual ticket for two zones costs 24 DKK, for three zones 30 DKK and for four zones 40 DKK. You will not have to take many trips before you recoup the money you spent on your City Pass.

What if I need additional zones?

If you need to travel in additional zones, you must purchase a separate ticket on DOT Tickets app or at the ticket vending machines at all stations.