Travel Pass

Offer unlimited travel on buses, trains and the metro – and savings of up to 78%!

Organizers of large conventions can offer their participants easy and inexpensive public transportation with a Travel Pass. If you are the organizer for a smaller convention of less than 1000 participants, take a look here.

The Travel Pass is delivered both as an e-mail and an SMS ticket, which covers transportation to and from the airport, as well as transportation in the Greater Copenhagen area for only 36 DKK per day (approximately 5€).

It provides your participants with flexibility and a savings of up to 78%.

With a Travel Pass, you will provide a great offer with minimal effort!

This is how easy it is for you as a convention organizer

  • It is free to offer the Travel Pass to your participants
  • You install a free online ordering module to your homepage, so participants can easily purchase the Travel Pass themselves
  • Each individual buys their own Travel Pass from your homepage
  • With a Travel Pass, participants’ transportation from the airport will be covered

This is how easy it is for your convention participants

  • Unlimited transportation by train, bus and metro, including easy and flexible transportation options to and from the airport
  • Online ordering
  • An SMS ticket that is delivered to the participant's mobile phone
  • A confirmation e-mail, making reimbursement easy

Group or sponsor tickets are also available. Click here for more information