Travel Pass

Offer unlimited travel on buses, trains and the metro – and savings of up to 78%!

Organizers of large conventions can offer their participants easy and inexpensive public transportation with a Travel Pass. If you are the organizer for a smaller convention of less than 1000 participants, take a look here.

The Travel Pass is delivered as an e-mail ticket, which covers transportation to and from the airport, as well as transportation in the Greater Copenhagen area (zones 01-99) for only 36 DKK per day (approximately 5€).

It provides your participants with flexibility and a savings of up to 78%.

With a Travel Pass, you will provide a great offer with minimal effort!

If you would like to offer your participants the Travel Pass solution, please reach out to our Travel Pass Customer Service Team at

This is how easy it is for you as a convention organizer

  • Each individual buys their own Travel Pass from an online ordering module
  • With a Travel Pass, participants’ transportation from the airport will be covered

This is how easy it is for your convention participants

  • Unlimited transportation by train, bus and metro, including easy and flexible transportation options to and from the airport
  • Online ordering
  • An e-mail ticket
  • A confirmation e-mail, making reimbursement easy

Group or sponsor tickets are also available. Click here for more information