Public transport in Copenhagen and on Zealand

Copenhagen has a very extensive, safe and easy to use public transportation system.

Whether you plan to go sightseeing in the heart of Copenhagen or to experience the many cultural and local sights in the area around the city, public transport is the obvious choice for getting around.

You may go by bus, train, metro and harbour bus with the same ticket. In the city center buses, trains and metro are in service around the clock, and there is always a stop within easy walking distance of where you need to go.

Planning your journey with public transport

Planning your journey is easy with the Journey Planner.

The Journey Planner is a country wide search engine that includes real time information for all modes of public transportation.

Go to the Journey Planner, type where and when you want to go, and the Journey Planner will provide you with a list of the quickest and easiest ways to get there. It’s that simple.

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Fares and tickets

The Copenhagen public transport system uses a zone system for calculating ticket prices.

Single tickets and travel cards are the two main ticket types available:

  • A single ticket is valid within a number of zones for a certain period of time – typically 1-2 hours. You are allowed to travel an unlimited number of times within the specified zones and time period
  • A City Pass allows you to travel unlimited within a specified zone area for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours. The City Pass comes in a Small and a Large version, depending on your needs.

There are other ticket options as well - including Rejsekort and Copenhagen Card.

Any ticket grant access to all buses, metros and trains within the purchased zones and time. Just show the ticket to public transport officers when requested.

When using the public transportation in Copenhagen, all members of the travelling party must have a valid ticket. However there are special regulations for children under the age of 12 travelling with adults.

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Purchasing a ticket

There are several convenient ways of purchasing a ticket for public transportation.

  • The DOT ticket app
  • Ticket machines located at all stations
  • Directly from the bus driver (cash only)
  • From 7-Eleven shops at the stations

The easiest way to purchase tickets is through the DOT ticket app.

In the ticket app it is possible to purchase single tickets as well as the City Pass, and you can purchase tickets for several travelers at the same time.

Download the DOT ticket app 'DOT Mobilbilletter'


Traveling with children

The public transportation system is easily accessible for travelers with children. The vast majority of stations has lifts and escalators for strollers and baby carriages.

Every adult with a valid ticket is allowed to bring two children under the age of 12 free of charge. Strollers and baby carriages are also free of charge.

Tickets for children between the age of 12 and 16 are half price of the normal fare.

Access conditions and disability

You may bring a wheelchair, walker and the like free of charge on the bus, train and metro at the designated spaces. However, the staff must verify that there is adequate space. If all spaces are occupied by wheelchairs, bicycles, baby carriages or passengers with large luggage you have to wait for the next bus, train or metro. The passenger who boarded first with a wheelchair or the like has priority - however, on the train, a customer with a seat reservation is entitled to the space. 

Lost property

If you wish to enquire about lost property, please call our customer service: +45 7015 7000

What can you bring on public transportation?
Baby carriages and strollers

You may bring a baby carriage, stroller and jogging stroller on the bus, train and metro free of charge if there is enough space for them and as long as the train wagons are used to transport children.

Whether there is enough space is always determined by the staff, and the staff’s instructions should always be followed. The wheels must be lockable.


You may bring your bicycle on the train, metro, harbour bus and in most busses.

You must buy a bicycle ticket when you bring your bicycle on the train, bus and metro.

However, you may bring your bicycle on the S trains, harbour busses and the local trains in North Zealand free of charge. 

Suitcases and backpacks

You may bring suitcases, backpacks, bags or the like free of charge if there is room for them.

The dimensions of the individual piece of luggage must not exceed 30 x 60 x 100 cm.

The staff may give further instructions on where to put the luggage. Whether there is enough room and whether the luggage is a nuisance are always determined by the staff.


Small dogs and other small animals carried in a bag or cage are regarded as hand luggage and may be brought free of charge.

The dimensions of the bag or cage must not exceed 30 x 60 x 100 cm and the animal must remain in the bag or cage during the journey.

If you are travelling with a dog that is too big to fit in a bag, a cage or the like you must buy a children’s ticket for the dog. The dog must be on the floor during the entire journey, must be kept on a leash and be under your control.

Guide dogs or service dogs may always be brought free of charge. The dog must carry the symbol ”man with white stick”, ”dog’s head and hand” or an ID vest (provided the dog can show a special ID card).


You may bring musical instruments, children’s scooters, foldable wheelchairs, skis and poles, snowboards, small sleds and toboggans if they do not create a nuisance.