Day trip to Stevns Klint

Discover one of Denmark's most unique landscapes and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stevns Klint

Travel information

  • To visit Stevns Klint you must travel to Højerup (Højerup Bygade).

  • Travel time: 1 hr. and 45 min. from Copenhagen Central St. to Højerup (Højerup Bygade).

  • Recommended ticket: City Pass Large.

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“The last part of the journey to Stevns Klint is by bus. You can ask the bus driver if he will remember to stop the bus for you at ’Højerup (Højerup Bygade)’.”

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Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

A dramatic scenery

Stevns Klint is one of the
best places in the world to experience the mass destruction caused by a meteor impact 66 million years ago wiping out the dinosaurs and half of the earth's animal species.


Stevns Klint coast line
“Set aside time to go for a walk along the cliff and enjoy the breathtaking scenery with great biodiversity, varied bird life and magnificent views of the Baltic Sea.”

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