Day trip to Lejre

Experience history and visit the cradle of Danish civilisation.

The landscape of Lejre, Ejby Aadal

Travel information

  • Travel time: 36 min. with the regional train from Copenhagen Central St. to Lejre St

  • From Lejre St. there are bus connections to the various destinations.

  • Recommended ticket: City Pass Large.

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“Lejre St. is on the trainline between Copenhagen and Kalundborg (Holbæk) with trains every 30 min. and with a shuttle bus (bus 233) between Lejre St. and Sagnlandet Lejre.”

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The stone ship in Gammel Lejre

History comes alive

Nestled among the hills of Lejre lies the cradle of Danish civilisation, where the legendary Viking kings of the Skjoldunge dynasty left their mark for posterity. Here you can feel history come to life and let your imagination run free in the fantastic landscape.


Land of Legends Lejre
“The Lejre Land of Legends is a unique and stunningly beautiful open air museum, which invites its’ visitors to embark on a journey through time and space. It’s definitely worth a visit." 

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