Day trip to Hundested

Visit a unique harbour town full of life and great experiences.

Hundested Harbour

Travel information

  • Travel time: 1 hr. and 40 min. from Copenhagen Central St. to Hundested St. 

  • From Hundested Station there is a 5 – 10 min. walk to most attractions.

  • Recommended ticket: City Pass Large.

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Plan journey

“Take the S-train to Hillerød St. Here you will need to change to the local train going to Hundested St. You can bring your bike for free but not during peak hours.”

Travel tip

Knud Rasmussens House

A creative hub at the sea

Here, in between sea and fjord, neighbouring one of North Sealand's best beaches, you find the idyllic town of Hundested known for it’s vibrant harbour area with many restaurants, artisan workshops and galleries.


Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival
“Throughout the summer you can see 10 giant sand sculptures created by top international sand artists at Hundested Harbour.”

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