Day trip to Elsinore

Visit the city world-famous for Kronborg Castle and Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Travel information

  • Travel time: 45 min. with the regional train from Copenhagen Central St. to Helsingør St. 

  • From Helsingør St. there is a 10 - 15 min. walk to most attractions. You can also take a bus.

  • Recommended ticket: City Pass Large.

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”You can also take the train to Helsingør st. from Nørreport st. or Østerport st. The train departs every 20 min."

Travel tip

The M/S Maritime Museum

Home of Hamlet

Elsinore is an exciting city where history meets the sea, and cutting-edge culture meets the city's rough seaport heritage. Here you will find everything from world famous castles to world class art.


Kronborg Castle
“Visit Kronborg Castle, known worldwide as Hamlets and Shakespeare's castle. It is one of Northern Europe's finest Renaissance castles and a UNESCO World Heritage Site”

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