Your DOT Youth Card will be delivered in a new app

Did you use Mit Ungdomskort app (My Youth Card app) up until now? In the future, you must download your DOT Youth Card in the DOT Tickets app.

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In a transition phase, only new Youth Card purchases from 10 December 2020 or more recent purchases will be transferred to the DOT Tickets app. On 3 February 2021, the other DOT Youth Cards will be transferred to the DOT Tickets app.

The DOT Youth Cards, which will be displayed in the DOT Tickets app, have the following validity areas:

  • Copenhagen Metropolitan Area (zone 1-99)
  • Zealand West (zone 100-199)
  • Zealand South (zone 200-299)

Youth Cards with other validity areas or combinations of the above listed areas are still delivered in the DSB app. All Youth Cards can also be delivered by plastic card.

New Youth Card orders from 10 December 2020 and more recent purchases can only be downloaded in the DOT Tickets app, not in Mit Ungdomskort app.

If you do not renew your Youth Card before 3 February 2021, your DOT Youth Card will automatically be transferred to the DOT Tickets app on 3 February 2021. On 3 and 4 February 2021, you will be able to use both the DOT Tickets app and Mit Ungdomskort app.

Mit Ungdomskort app closes on 5 February 2021.

Download DOT Billetter app her:

Download fra app store Download fra Google Play

Here's how you do it

  1. Open the 'DOT Tickets' app.
  2. Enter your phone number in the app.
  3. Enter the SMS activation code.
  4. Tap profile, enter your email and tap 'Save changes'.
  5. Open the email sent by DOT and click on the link to verify your email address.
  6. Close and open the app (it is not enough to minimize it, it must be closed completely)
  7. On the app homescreen, you will see a ticket thumbnail. Tap the thumbnail to open the Youth Card.

NOTE! It is important that the email address is the same as the one you registered on

Please make sure that the Youth Card email address is not already being used by another customer in the DOT Tickets app. If that is the case, then your Youth Card will be placed on the other customer's profile. For example, you may be using your parent's email address, and your parent has a profile in the DOT Tickets app. Then you must change your email address on so that it is unique in DOT Tickets app.

My Youth Card is not being displayed in the DOT Tickets app

Did you purchase your DOT Youth Card on 10 December 2020 or at a later date, and have you followed the instructions above?

If you can answer yes to both questions, and your DOT Youth Card is not visible in the DOT Tickets app, then feel free to contact us by via or phone +45 70 13 14 17, Monday-Friday between 08: 00-15: 00.