The new line 7A in Nyt Bynet

The new line 7A will have connections to a number of S-train stations, the Cityringen and to InterCity/regional trains at Copenhagen Central Railway Station. The line will provide a high-frequency connection from Rødovre through southern Frederiksberg towards central Copenhagen.

Line 7A will also provide a connection from Teglholmen/Sluseholmen and the old part of Sydhavnen around Mozarts Plads to both the City Centre and Ny Ellebjerg Station.

Map of the new line 7A in Nyt Bynet

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Reorganisation of line 7A until the spring of 2020

Unfortunately, Movia has to reorganise line 7A at Teglholmen and Sluseholmen until the spring of 2020. This is due to road work around the canals at Sluseholmen, which means that line 7A cannot cross Teglværksbroen, and consequently the line cannot serve the stops “Bådehavnsgade” and “Ernie Wilkins Vej/Thad Jones Vej” during that period. Line 7A will still service Teglholmsgade and Støberigade.

If you are concerned about how this will affect your journey, you can check your trip here.

How often does line 7A run in Nyt Bynet?

Rødovrehallen – Ny Ellebjerg Station

Rush hours

9 departures per hour

Daytime hours

8 departures per hour


6 departures per hour


2 departures per hour