The new line 77 in Nyt Bynet

The new line 77 provides a connection to the existing metro at Lergravsparken Station, Islands Brygge Station and Bella Center Station. At Sundbyvester Plads, a connection has been established to lines 5C and 250S towards the City Centre and the rest of Amager. Line 77 also gives a direct connection from the western part of Amager, including Islands Brygge, to Islands Brygge Station. At the same time, the line ensures local bus services through a number of areas in the north eastern part of Amager which are located some distance from the existing metro.

Map of the new line 77 in Nyt Bynet

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There are changes to line 77

In Nyt Bynet, the function of 30 bus lines must be adjusted to Cityringen, so that they work well with the metro and train net. It means that the need for some of the bus lines that we know today will change.

Parts of the stretch that line 77 covers today have therefore been replaced by other bus lines. This may be relevant to your bus, train and metro travel from summer 2019.

Bus lines that may be relevant to you

Lines 31, 33 and 78 may be of relevance to your trip depending on which part of the line 77 route you use today.

Click on the bus lines to read more about them.

How often does line 77 run in Nyt Bynet?

Bella Center Station – Sundbyvester Plads

Rush hours

2 departures per hour

Daytime hours

1 departure per hour


1 departure per hour

How does line 77 run in your city?

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