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How to appeal against our response to a complaint?

You have the opportunity to appeal against the decision that Movia makes about your complaint to the Appeal Board for Bus, Train and Metro. Complaints to the Appeal Board must be filed in a complaint form, which you can find in English at www.abtm.dk. The Appeal Board charges a fee to process a complaint.

Appeal Board for Bus, Train and Metro
Automatikvej 1
2860 Søborg
+45 22 62 65 00

How can I pay the fare evasion ticket?

On the invoice you will find a FIK-code (+71 < XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+80456859), which you can use to pay the fare evasion ticket in your bank or via online banking.

You can also pay your fare evasion ticket via MobilePay or credit card here.

If you wish to pay the fare evasion ticket from a foreign bank account, you need the information below:

Danske Bank A/S
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 København K
IBAN: DK4330000011830498
Reg.no. 4183 – Account no. 0011830498

Please note that you have to advise the fare evasion ticket number (fakturanr.) and customer number (kundenr.) as reference. Both numbers can be found on the invoice.


You must check in your rejsekort immediately upon entering the bus. You should therefore have your rejsekort ready for check in, before you enter the bus.

You have to make sure that you are checked in with the correct customer type and number of passengers. Remember to listen to the sound signal and to read the text on the screen to make sure that you have checked in correctly. When you check in fellow travellers, a dog or your bike, you can always see on the screen, what number of travellers and which customer type, you are checking in.

When you are not correctly checked in, you will receive a fare evasion ticket at a ticket inspection.

Read more about rejsekort and get help here:

Mobile tickets

Your mobile ticket must be received prior to entering the bus. Movia has GPS in all busses, which send us information regarding times of arrival and departure. We can also check when you have bought your mobile ticket. We therefore have the possibility to check, if you bought your ticket prior to entering the bus.

Please note that is it prohibited to copy, alter and forward mobile tickets.

Commuter cards

You must be able to show your valid commuter card at a ticket inspection

If your commuter card is expired or missing a zone, you will receive a fare evasion ticket.

If you have forgotten your valid commuter card, or your phone, with your valid commuter card on, is out of power, your fare evasion ticket can be reduced. Fill out our contact form here.

Power of attorney

When you complain about a fare evasion ticket on behalf of a person over the age of 18, it is mandatory, that you submit a power of attorney to us. The person, who has received the fare evasion ticket, must sign the power of attorney.

You can find our power of attorney form here.

The power of attorney form must be returned to us, before we can begin to consider the case. You can attach the power of attorney to the contact form. You can also send it to afgifter@moviatrafik.dk. You can either scan or take a photo of the signed power of attorney and attach it to an email.

Are you a legal guardian?

If you are appointed as a legal guardian to an adult above the age of 18, you can instead forward us documentation of the guardianship.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding your fare evasion ticket, you can call us at +45 3613 1400 from 9 am to 11 am from Monday to Thursday.