Great flexibility at a great price

With a City Pass you will have the freedom to get on and off buses, trains and the metro as often as you like. You will be able to quickly change your destination and enjoy new experiences. You will be able to ride on buses, trains or the metro all day and all night. The more you use your City Pass, the more of a great deal it will turn out to be for you

Adults 16 years of age and older

80 DKK for 24 hours

150 DKK for 48 hours

200 DKK for 72 hours

300 DKK for 120 hours

Children under 16 years of age

40 DKK for 24 hours

75 DKK for 48 hours

100 DKK for 72 hours

150 DKK for 120 hours

With a City Pass for adults, you can take two children under 12 years of age along with you free of charge.

If you need additional zones

With your City Pass, you can travel in zones 1-4 in and around Copenhagen. This will generally cover the needs of most travellers when they come to visit Copenhagen. If you need to travel in additional zones, you must purchase a separate ticket. You can buy these at ticket machines and at station ticket sales centres. You can also download the app “Mobilbilletter” from the App store and Google Play

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask

Do you want to visit a tourist site outside of the 4 zones and are unsure of how to get there? You can get information and guidance for purchasing tickets at the Central Train Station and at the Tourist Information Centre.

See map of trains and stations in Greater Copenhagen (click for large version)

Updated 2018-03-19