Round trip by bus, train and metro

Get cheaply to and from your event

With the Eventbillet, you will save money on transportation to and from an event. Regardless of whether you select a big or small Eventbillet, you can travel on buses, trains and the metro for 12 hours. The small ticket covers zones 1-4 and the big ticket covers all zones in the metropolitan area.

Please notice that the ticket module is in Danish

To buy an Eventbillet, click on your desired event here.

Your advantages

  • Your Eventbillet is valid for 12 hours, so you can get to and from your home using the same ticket.
  • You can travel without limitations during the 12 hours your Eventbillet is valid. This means that you can get on and off buses, trains and the metro as may times as you wish. This is practical if your event takes place in several locations in the city.
  • You can choose between a small (zones 1-4) or a big (for all zones in the metropolitan area) Eventbillet.
  • You can take two children under 12 along with you on your ticket free of charge.
  • You will receive your Eventbillet as an sms ticket on your mobile telephone.