Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
What if I do not receive my SMS ticket?

When you buy an SMS ticket, you will receive a receipt with all necessary information via e-mail.

If you have not received your SMS ticket, you can show your e-mail receipt on the bus, train and metro. Remember your phone, as the receipt must be shown with the phone the ticket was purchased for.

I have entered the wrong phone number, what do I do?

If the number is incorrect, then please contact us.

If the country code has been added twice you can use the e-mail as a ticket as long as you keep your phone on you.

Call us

DOT Customer Service
Tlf.: +45 7015 7000

Write us

DOT Customer Service

Is my City Pass valid on all buses, trains and the entire metro?

Yes, all buses, trains and the metro in the Capital Region are included. The City Pass is also valid for harbour buses which can take you across the canal to the Opera.

Will the City Pass save me money on travel?

Besides making things much more convenient for you, the City Pass is also an inexpensive option.

In comparison, an individual ticket for two zones costs 24 DKK, for three zones 36 DKK and for four zones 48 DKK. You will not have to take many trips before you recoup the money you spent on your City Pass.

Does it cost anything to receive the City Pass as an SMS ticket?

Normally, it is free to receive the City Pass as an SMS ticket.

If you have questions regarding any charges, contact your service provider for more information.

Can we have our City Pass delivered to various phones?

Yes, however this requires you to complete a purchase for each mobile number.

It's a good idea to have your City Pass on your own phone in case you and your fellow travellers split up and visit different places in Copenhagen.

What if the battery on my phone runs out?

We can only recommend that you make sure to charge your phone so it does not run out of battey.

You may be charged an inspection fee, if you cannot show your SMS ticket.

Does the SMS ticket work on all types of telephones?

Yes, you can receive SMS tickets on all types of mobile telephones. It does not need to be a smartphone.

What if I need additional zones?

With a small City Pass, you can travel in zones 1-4.

If you need to travel in additional zones, you must purchase a separate ticket at the ticket vending machines at all stations.

A large City Pass allows you to travel in the Greater Copenhagen area. 

Can I buy City Pass as a paper ticket?

You can buy City Pass paper tickets at the following locations in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen Airport

  • At ticket machines in terminal 3, and at metro and train platforms

Copenhagen Central Train Station

  • At ticket machines in the arrivals hall and on train platforms
  • At the main entrance to ticket sales open Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 22:00

Train and metro stations

  • At all ticket machines at the stations
I need a receipt, what do I do?

You will receive your receipt by e-mail and it is also valid as a ticket as long as you keep your phone on you.

If you lose your receipt, you can contact DOT Customer Service by calling +45 70 15 70 00, or by writing us here.

Can I buy City Passes for several people?

Yes, but in that case you must always travel together as a City Pass is only valid for a specific phone number.

We recommend purchasing a City Pass for each device.

Remember, that with your City Pass, two children under the age of 12 can travel with you free of charge.