Zone maps

The area of Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn is divided into zones used for calculating the price of the journey.

Hint: Find your journey with and see the number of zones under 'Price and buy'.

Zone map for Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn

Ring zones

The price of each single ticket for shorter journeys (2-8 zones) is calculated according to the number of ring zones you travel in. Use the map below see the number of zones from your start zone to your destination.

Choose your start zone on the map and use the colours to determine the number of zones to your destination.

Kort over ringzoner

Zones for commuter journeys of 9 zones or more

Prices for commuter cards for long journeys (9 zones or more) is calculated according to the commuter zone map.

Choose your start and destination zones on the map and see the zones for the natural travel paths. The price for the commuter card is shown in the upper left corner (in Danish).

NOTE: The map below is not updated with the current prices and zone corrections. For reliable price calculation we recommend using, the DOT Tickets app or the DSB app.

Kort over lange pendlerrejser (9 zoner eller mere)

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The price of the journey is calculated according to the number of zones and the type of ticket or card.

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