Tickets for dogs and other animals

Bring your dog or other animal on the bus, train or metro on a single children’s ticket

  • Small dogs and other small animals carried in a bag or cage are regarded as hand luggage and may be brought free of charge.
  • Large dogs require a single children’s ticket – price from DKK 12
  • There are special regulations concerning animals on transport see travel regulations

Worth knowing

If you often take your dog with you on public transportation, a good option is to buy a rejsekort flex for it. 

The bicycle ticket for a journey from 2 to 8 zones costs DKK 13. The bicycle ticket is always issued for 8 zones and the time validity is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

A bicycle ticket for 9 or more zones is issued for a specific travel relation and is valid for one natural forward-moving journey from the departure zone to the destination zone. The time validity corresponds to a calendar day.

Purchase a ticket for a dog or other animal

Rejsekort (travel card)

Check in your dog with your Rejsekort in the Rejsekort ATM or check in via the 'check-in ekstra' card reader at the station. (2-8 zones and 9 or more zones)

Read more about rejsekort

DOT Tickets app

Buy via your smartphone and pay with payment cards. Get the app:



DOT Mobile Ticket

Send a text to 1415 and have a mobile ticket sent to your phone. Pay via your phone bill (2-8 zones)

Read more about mobile tickets

Mobile ticket online

Buy online and get the bicycle ticket sent to your phone. Pay with payment card. (2-8 zones)

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On the bus

Pay the driver in cash on the bus. (2-8 zones)

Ticket vending machine

Purchase at all train and Metro stations as well as the local rail in West and South Zealand. (2-8 zones and 9 and more zones)

Find a vending machine