Tickets for bicycles

Bring your bicycle on the bus, train or metro

  • Bring your bicycle for free on the S-train, harbour buses and local trains in the Copenhagen Metropolitan area
  • In some buses, trains and metro there are restrictions – see travel regulations
  • Price DKK 13-40 depending on the number of zones

Worth knowing

If you often bring your bicycle on your trip, it can be an advantage to buy a rejsekort flex for it. 

The bicycle ticket for a journey from 2 to 8 zones costs DKK 13. The bicycle ticket is always issued for 8 zones and the time validity is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

A bicycle ticket for 9 or more zones is issued for a specific travel relation and is valid for one natural forward-moving journey from the departure zone to the destination zone. The time validity corresponds to a calendar day.

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Rejsekort (travel card)

Check in your bicycle with your Rejsekort in the Rejsekort ATM or check in at the 'check in extra' card reader at the station.

Read more about rejsekort

DOT Tickets app

Buy a bicycle ticket via your smart phone and pay with credit card. Download the app:



Text message ticket

Text the start zone followed by 'C' to 1415 (fx '2 c') and receive the bicycle ticket as a text to your phone. Pay via your phone bill. (only 2-8 zones)

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Ticket vending machine

Purchase at all train and metro stations as well as the local train in West and South Zealand.

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