Single tickets for short journeys

You can buy a single ticket for short journeys for:

  • Adult
  • Child
  • Pensioner (4 zones and up)

Tickets for short journeys can be purchased:

Tickets for short journeys (2-8 zones) can be purchased for immediate use or purchased in advance for journeys at a later date or time.

It is not possible to buy advance tickets for short journeys through all sales channels.

When buying tickets on the bus, you must tell the driver where you are going and your travel route if he or she is to help you with correct ticketing.

Validity - zones

The ticket price and validity area is based on the 'ring zone principle'. Read about the zone system

A basic ticket (2-zone ticket) is valid in the zone where it is issued and in all zones adjacent to it. This also applies to zones where only the tips of the zones meet.

The validity of the basic ticket is defined to prevent a very short journey over a zone boundary from being more expensive than a longer journey within one zone.

Division of zones

From 21/01/2018 it is no longer permitted for several people to travel on the same zone ticket (2-8 zones) purchased via vending machines, smartphones (app or SMS) or via personal sales as well as on travel on a mobile zone card.

This option was historically dependent on the cardboard clip cards used in the Capital Region, where passengers could combine and share different cards so that together the correct zone distance was achieved.

Today, you can purchase separate tickets via all sales channels if you are several people travelling together. For example, you can use the check-in extra option with a Rejsekort or buy separate tickets via the DOT or DSB apps.

It is also not a valid travel document if you combine 2 cash tickets for a given journey. Thus, two 2-zone tickets issued in the same zone do not permit travel in 3 or 4 zones. A journey can only be extended by one zone by purchasing an extension ticket.

Validity - time

Tickets for short journeys can be used for an unlimited number of journeys within the time and zones in which the ticket is valid. The last boarding must take place before the ticket expires and the ticket must be valid when the bus or train leaves the stop or station according to the timetable.

Here are two examples:

  • The ticket/pass expires at 13:00. The bus or train is scheduled to depart at 12:59 according to the timetable, but it doesn’t depart until 13:02. The ticket/pass is still valid.
  • The ticket/pass expires at 13:00. The bus or train is scheduled to depart at 13:02. The ticket/pass is not valid, even though you have boarded before it expired.

You must have received your mobile ticket before boarding the bus, train or metro. After the expiry of the mobile ticket, travel is still permitted within the area of validity as long as there is no change of means of transport along the way.

The time validity is stated on the ticket, either by time validity per purchased number of zones or with start and/or expiry time.

Time validity for tickets for short journeys (2-8 zones)

2 zones 1 hour 15 minutes
3 zones 1 hour 30 minutes
4 zones 1 hour 45 minutes
5 zones 2 hours
6 zones 2 hours 15 minutes
7 zones 2 hours 30 minutes
8 zones 2 hours 45 minutes

The metro and A-buses operate at fixed intervals. This means that the time of boarding determines whether the ticket is valid. If a passenger does not leave the means of transport at the terminal station, departure from here is considered a new boarding.

Children under the age of 12

A child under the age of 12 pays the children’s fare when travelling alone, and can bring another child under 12 free of charge. Two children under the age of 12 can travel for free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket or card.

Children under the age of 16

A child under the age of 16 pays the children’s fare and can bring a child under 12 free of charge.

Children aged 16 and up pay the adult price.

Children’s tickets follow the same provisions as tickets for short and long journeys.


If you are travelling with a dog that is too big to fit in a bag, a cage or the like you must buy a children’s ticket for the dog.


Unused tickets can be refunded. This must be done no later than the day before departure. Tickets for short journeys cannot be refunded when the date of sale and the validity date are identical, nor can they be refunded on the validity date.

Read more about reimbursement of tickets


If you need to travel beyond the zones for which your ticket or pass is issued, you have the option to purchase an extension ticket.

The extension ticket extends the validity of the original ticket by one zone and by 15 minutes extra to travel in.

An extension ticket is only valid with another valid ticket.

You can buy an extension ticket in the bus, in the vending machine at the station or as a mobile ticket for iPhone or Android.

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