Single tickets for long journeys

You can buy single tickets for long journeys for:

  • Adult
  • Child
  • Pensioner

Single tickets for 9 zones and above can be purchased:

All sales channels sell tickets for immediate use. It is also possible in some sales channels to buy a ticket for a later departure (advance sale).

The ticket cannot be bought on buses, except for some selected routes.

Validity and use

The single ticket is valid for one natural forward-moving journey from the departure zone to the destination zone by train, metro and bus. A single ticket is therefore valid for one journey in which it is not possible to complete a round trip or return to the starting point, and where the journey does not include a route already travelled.

Passengers are permitted to change to another means of transport as long as the total journey does not become more expensive than the original single ticket; for example, changing from train to bus in the same travel relation. When changing the means of transport, the continued journey must begin at the first possible opportunity after the change.

The ticket is valid during the traffic day (04:00 - 03:59) for which it was issued. You choose when the journey begins within the traffic day, but as soon as the journey has started, the ticket is only valid until this journey is completed.

After the journey has ended, the validity of the free transfer in the starting zone or zones lapses, but the ticket remains valid for an unlimited number of journeys in the transfer zone(s) printed on the ticket at the final destination within the ticket’s validity.

The traffic day is indicated on the ticket. The traffic day goes from 04:00 to 03.59 the following day. However, the ticket is valid for at least 5 hours after the time of issue; for example, a customer who buys a single ticket for a long journey at 02:00 can travel until 07:00. The journey is not tied to a specific departure time.

Single tickets for 9 or more zones issued in buses are valid for 5 hours from the time of issue and can only be used for travel with Movia’s buses. Tickets can be used for journeys of a shorter distance than what is shown on the ticket. Round trips are issued as 2 single tickets, each with their own validity.


When a ticket includes a route indication, that is, if a waypoint zone is printed on the ticket, it must be used on this route. However, the ticket is always valid for a route that has the same fare or is cheaper.

When a ticket does not include a route indication, it is assumed that the shortest route between the departure and destination zones is used for the journey.

In order to be a natural travel route, it must be a realistic route alternative for the travel relation in question as waypoint indications would suggest. This means that the travel time via this route must not be disproportionately longer than via other natural travel routes. The single ticket is therefore not valid in zones that are on an unnecessary detour for the travel relation in question.

Connecting travel in the starting and destination zone

The single ticket is valid for unlimited travel by train, Metro and bus in the departure and destination zone(s) indicated on the ticket throughout the calendar day (00:00 – 23:59). When the destination zone is reached, validity in the departure zone lapses.


Ticket exchanges/changes must be made no later than the validity date of the ticket. Tickets purchased at the DSB online store or in the DSB app must be exchanged or changed no later than the day before the validity date of the ticket.

Refunds before and after the journey

Unused tickets can be refunded. This must be done no later than the day before departure. If it can be documented that one or more persons specified on the ticket cannot undertake the journey, an amount corresponding to the ticket price for this/these can be refunded. The conductor’s signature is the documentation.

Tickets for children and dogs

Children pay approx. half price when they travel on a ticket.

Children under the age of 12

A child under the age of 12 pays a children’s fare when travelling alone and can take another child under 12 free of charge. Two children under the age of 12 can travel for free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket or card.

Children under the age of 16

A child under the age of 16 pays a children’s fare and can take a child under 12 free of charge.

Children aged 16 and up pay the adult price.

Children’s tickets follow the same provisions as tickets for short and long journeys.


If you are travelling with a dog that is too big to fit in a bag, a cage or the like you must buy a children’s ticket for the dog.


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