Extension ticket for single tickets and commuter cards

From 17 January 2021, the Extension ticket (1 zone) will only be valid as an extension for Commuter cards or other commuter passes and as a metro supplement for Commuter cards. If you have used the Extension ticket as an extension for single tickets, in the future, you can buy a 2-zone ticket.

The validity of your ticket or Commuter card can be extended by purchasing a ticket for one extra zone. For Commuter cards where validity for the metro has been deselected, a 1-zone Extension ticket also gives you access to travel by metro.

You must purchase the ticket before the first purchased ticket expires.

You can travel unlimited by train, bus or metro within the validity for which the 1-zone ticket was purchased (see more about zone validity and time validity below). If you need to extend the trip by more than 1 zone, you are required to purchase a new ticket. The original ticket and the new ticket are perceived as two separate trips.

The Extension ticket (1 zone) can be purchased in the DOT Tickets app, DSB app, via SMS 1415 and dinoffentligetransport.dk, certain local train stations (vending machine and serviced sales) as well as on the bus and in the Metro and DSB's ticket machines. In the DSB app, only Extension tickets for commuter cards can be purchased.

In which zones is the Extension ticket valid?

If the Extension ticket is issued with a start zone within the validity area of ​​the original ticket / card, then the validity of the ticket is extended to the neighbouring zones.

If the Extension ticket is issued with a start zone which is directly adjacent to the validity area of ​​the original ticket / card, the ticket is valid in that specific zone.

For how long is the Extension ticket valid?

If the main ticket is a single ticket for travel of up to 8 zones (ring zone tickets), the validity of the original ticket is extended by 15 minutes.

If the main ticket is another type of ticket or a Commuter card/commuter pass, the Extension ticket is valid for 1 hour and 15 minutes from the start validity of the Extension ticket.

Access to the metro for Commuter card customers who have opted out of validity in the metro:

If Commuter card customers who have opted out of validity in the metro want to travel by metro, an Extension ticket will provide validity for this. The Extension ticket also gives validity for an additional zone. The validity for the metro applies in all the zones which your commuter card is valid for + 1 zone.


DOT Tickets app

Buy an extension ticket with your smart phone and pay by credit card.

Download the DOT Tickets app:



Mobile ticket

Send a text message to 1415 and receive the ticket an a text on your phone. Pay via your phone bill. (Only 2-8 zones)

Read more about mobile tickets

Ticket vending machine

Purchase at all train and metro stations as well as the local train in West and South Zealand.

Find a vending machine

On the bus

Buy your ticket in cash on the bus. (2-8 zones) Please note that the driver can only provide change up to the nearest DKK 100.