Pensioner Card

Example of a Pensioner Card

For you who are 67 years old or are an early retiree

Travel unlimited with bus, train and metro outside rush hours for a fixed low price. Read about the limitations here

Buy a Pensioner Card for three coherent zones, for 1 or 2 large zones or the entire DOT area.

Renew Pensioner Card

Buy a Pensioner Card

(The webshop is in Danish)

What you need to create or renew a Pensioner Card online

You need to use MitID to buy or renew a Pensioner Card.

If you are buying a new card, you must upload a photo for your personal travel card. The picture must be in the format JPG or PNG and must not exceed 5 MB.

Would you prefer to buy in your local sales outlets?

Buy and renew your Pensioner Card at a serviced sales outlet. – Find a sales outlet here (in Danish)

As an early retiree, you must be able to present one of the following forms of documentation when renewing or purchasing a Pensioner Card.

  • Annual payout letter
  • Monthly payout notice
  • Form issued by the municipality or by DSB

Worth knowing

If you only travel occasionally and in different areas, we recommend a Rejsekort Personal with the customer type “Pensioner”.

With a Rejsekort you get 25 % discount on all travels and additionally 20 % discount when travelling outside rush hours.

With a Rejsekort you can travel throughout the entire DOT area without taking rush hours and zones into consideration.

You can get your Rejsekort Personal at When purchasing you must choose the costumer type “Pensioner”.