Validity and use

The Pensioner Card can be purchased for three contiguous zones or for zones 1-99, zones 101-199 or zones 201-299. For example, if you have a card for both zones 1-99 and zones 101-199, the cards are valid for all journeys in zones 1-199.

The card entitles the holder to travel by bus, train and Metro in the zones for which it is valid. Pensioner cards are only sold with three months’ validity. The card expires at 04:00 (last boarding) the night after its last day of validity (note: 23:59 for Pensioner Card for Rejsekort).

The Pensioner Card may only be used by the person to whom it is issued. Information in the card must not be altered or added.

The time in the timetable determines the pensioner card validity – and in the Metro it is the time of boarding.

Delays must always benefit you. This also applies to cancellations and planned track work at DSB, including in S-trains. If track work that is not announced at least 24 hours in advance causes you to make extraordinary changes to the means of transport on your journey, then it is the time of the first boarding of the journey that is calculated with regard to the curfew rules.


Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and 5 June, 24 December and 31 December, you can use the card 24 hours a day. On other days, there are the following restrictions:

Buses, local rail and Metro (incl. harbour buses)

Outside Greater Copenhagen In Greater Copenhagen(zones 01-04, 30-33 and 40-44)
Card can be used 24 hours a day The card cannot be used on weekdays (Monday - Friday 07:00 - 09:00)

DSB trains including S-train

Outside the Copenhagen Metropolitan area In the Copenhagen Metropolitan area(zones 1-99)
The card can be used 24 hours a day The card cannot be used on weekdays (Monday - Friday 07.00 - 09.00 and 15.00 - 17.00)

Pensioner Cards are valid for boarding/departures outside the curfews (see section above). You can always travel into Greater Copenhagen by bus, no matter what time you are outside of Greater Copenhagen. There is no need to change to another bus, train or Metro.


Who can purchase a Pensioner Card?

You are entitled to a Pensioner Card if you:

  • Are 65 years of age.

Documentation:Health insurance certificate, passport, pension entitlement notification or similar, on which birth date and year are stated.

  • Are under 65 and receiving an early retirement pension from the social services.

Documentation:An original pension entitlement notification with name that indicates that you receive one of the pension types listed below. The pension entitlement notification must be no more than 1 year old. The pension entitlement notification can be displayed electronically or as a printout if, for example, is was only sent electronically. In that case, you must also show identification with CPR number (civil registration number).

The section “Pension type” may contain the following:

  • Early retirement pension
  • General early retirement pension
  • Increased general early retirement pension
  • Intermediate early retirement pension
  • Maximum early retirement pension
  • State pension
  • Disability benefits (does not entitle the user to Pensioner Card)

Only the top third of the pension entitlement notification (the design may vary slightly) needs to be viewed by sales staff.

For foreigners, the same rules apply as for Danes. If you receive an early retirement pension from a country other than Denmark, DOT Customer Service will assess if you are entitled to a Pensioner Card. A copy of the pension entitlement notification must be submitted to sales staff. Processing time is 10 days.

You are not entitled to a Pensioner Card if:

  • Your pension entitlement notification states ‘disability benefits’ under ‘pension type’.
  • You are under the age of 65 and receiving a pension from a former employer, early retirement benefits, partial pension or similar.

 When you are registering for yourPensioner Cardit is important that you bring along a picture of yourself.


You can travel during peak hours if you buy tickets for at least 2 zones, or “stamps” (validate/use) a mobile zone card for the required number of zones (min. 2 zones).

You can use your Pensioner Card in continuation of this. The ticket or mobile zone card must be valid for the first station/stop where the train/bus stops after peak hours or the peak hours area ends.

Refunds and changes

Pensioner Cards that are unused or only partially used are refundable without any explanation necessary. This is calculated as shown in the table below:

Used card Refunds
1 - 30 days 60 x (card price / 90)
31 - 60 days 30 x (card price / 90)
61 days and more No reimbursement

The pass is considered to be used on the day it is refunded.

For reimbursement in case of documented illness and death and pre-purchased, changed and lost cards, Read more under Refund for Commuter Pass.

For all forms of reimbursement and changes, a fee of DKK 40 is charged.

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