Mobile ticket

Send a text to 1415 and receive the ticket as a text on your phone

Buying mobile tickets

You can buy mobile tickets for travel throughout Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn. When you buy a mobile ticket, the payment is added to your telephone bill.

Note: This service only works with a Danish subscription.

How to order a mobile ticket (1-8 zones only)

1. Send a text to 1415 with the following information:

  • Starting zone, station or bus stop
  • Number of zones
  • Ticket type (adult, child, extension ticket, Bicycle ticket Metro - or v, b, t, c). If you do not specify the ticket type, we will automatically assume that you want an adult ticket.

2. You will now receive an SMS text showing your order. This is not your ticketAnswer this SMS text with ‘Ja’ within 1 minute to complete the purchase.

3. You will receive the ticket as a new SMS text message.

Remember: The ticket is only valid once you have received it on your mobile device.

Forwarding a mobile ticket is illegal

The mobile ticket is valid only on the mobile number and device by which it was purchased. It is illegal to alter, copy, or forward mobile tickets. Forwarding a mobile ticket is considered forgery and will be reported to the police.

If you want to buy mobile tickets for more than one person, the tickets must be bought individually.

The ticket must be bought in the departure zone and received on your mobile device before you enter the bus, train or metro. If you have not received your mobile tickets within a few minutes, you need to order a new ticket or buy another type of ticket.

Examples of ticket orders:

Order an adult ticket for 2 zones from Kongens Nytorv: Text "Kongens Nytorv 2 v" or ”1 2
Order an adult ticket for 3 zones from Nørreport Station: Text "Nørreport st. 3 voksen“ or “1 3

If you already have a valid ticket, you can purchase an Extension ticket for one zone as follows:
Order an adult extension ticket (1 zone) from zone 30: "30 1 t"

NOTE: From 17 January 2021, the Extension ticket (1 zone) will only be valid as an extension for Commuter Cards or other commuter passes, not for single tickets.

Buying other types of tickets


To buy a Bicycle ticket Metro , send the starting zone, station or stop and the letter "c" to 1415. Example: ”70 c”.

The Bicycle ticket Metro is valid for 1 hours and 30 minutes.

You can also order an adult ticket and a Bicycle ticket Metro in the same SMS message by adding one \"c\" to your order. Example:”1 3 C”

DSB 1’

You can buy a DSB 1’ Regional supplement:

DSB 1’ Regionaltog (DKK 40) provides access to the Regional train on Zealand (not IC or IC Lyn) for 2 hours and 45 minutes. It can be booked by sending the start zone, station or stop and the text "first" to 1415. Example: ”hellerup st. first”.

Read more about DSB 1’ on (in Danish)

Zones and bus stop numbers

You can see your starting zone and the number of zones you need at ticket vending machines and bus stops.

You can find the stop point number on the information board at the stops. Before the stop number, always enter an S, for example S552 in the SMS message.


The following mobile subscriptions cannot purchase mobile tickets via the telephone bill:

  • Telephones with international subscriptions
  • Mobile phones blocked for mobile purchases (content-charged SMS)
  • Mobile phones with Telia prepaid calling cards. Some smaller telecommunications companies may also be exempt (check with the company).
  • Prepaid calling cards with a balance below the amount of the cost of the ticket.

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