A fantastic offer and giveaway

Providing your participants with the opportunity to purchase Travel Passes is a great offer.

You can also purchase Travel Pass vouchers, which can then be given to your convention participants.

For more information contact our Travel Pass Customer Service Team here:

DOT Customer Service

Tlf.: +45 7015 7000
Email: travelpass@m.dk


For inquiries regarding other topics than Travel Pass, please contact DOT Customer Service, phone: +45 7015 7000.

With vouchers, you can easily offer unlimited transport with buses, trains and the metro

  • Send a voucher to each participant, who will receive their Travel Pass as an SMS ticket on their mobile telephone
  • With vouchers, you can offer an attractive service without additional administrative duties for you
  • Add extra value to your convention, and provide an even better experience for participants
  • Avoid hassle with arranging transportation to and from the airport. With a Travel Pass, participants have free and flexible transportation options from the moment they step off their flight
  • By including an offer for unlimited public transportation, you signal that you care about the environment

Vouchers can be of great benefit when you:

  • want transportation to be included in your convention package
  • serve as the travel bureau and organizer for larger groups or several groups
  • want to include sponsor agreements that offer public transportation

Special Terms and Conditions

  • The order form must be registered with us no later than one week prior to the issuing date
  • Vouchers can only be purchased through bank transfer
  • There is a minimum requirement of 20 Travel Passes per Voucher Code