How it works

Make it easy for your participants

1. Each participant places an order online and receives their Travel Pass as an SMS ticket on their mobile phone.

2. The participants do not have to worry about where to purchase tickets, about zones, or ticket types.

3. A Travel Pass provides unlimited transportation on bus, train and metro, and is valid the moment the participant steps off their flight.

You make the ordering module available and the participants do the rest

Participants haveeasy access to purchase Travel Pass, when you install a free online purchasing module on your homepage.

The installation is easy, and we provide a guide when we deliver your ordering module. If questions arise, we are ready to help. It could not be easier, either for you or for your participants.

When you redirect your participants to the Travel Pass module, we can offer a customized landing page.

How to use the Travel Pass

You do not need to show your ticket (e-mail or SMS) before entering trains or metro, but you need to have your ticket available for ticketing. If you take the bus, you show your ticket to the driver when entering.

Example of an SMS ticket:

Example of an e-mail ticket: