Frequently asked questions
What should I do, if I do not receive my SMS-ticket?

If you do not receive your SMS ticket, you can show your e-mail receipt instead.

Remember to bring your phone with you as proof of your purchase of the SMS ticket.

I have entered the wrong phone number, what do I do?


If the number is incorrect, then please contact us.

If the country code has been added twice you can use the e-mail as a ticket as long as you keep your phone with you.

Call us

+45 7015 7000

Write us

Contact DOT Customer Service 

Does it cost anything to receive the Eventbillet as an SMS?

Normally, you receive SMS messages free of charge.

If you have questions regarding any charges, you can contact your service provider for more information.

If I purchase several Eventbilletter, can I have them delivered to several different numbers?

Yes, but you must make a separate purchase for each individual Eventbillet for each individual phone number.