Event Ticket

12-hour ticket for bus, train and metro

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Travel cheaply to and from your events

With the Event Ticket you will save money on transportation to and from an event.

Whether you select a Big or Small Event Ticket you can travel on buses, trains and the metro for 12 hours. The Small Event Ticket covers the zones 1-4 (central Copenhagen) and the Large Event Ticket covers the zones 1-99 in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The Event Ticket can only be purchased before and during the event. If there are no active events you cannot buy an Event Ticket. As soon as an event is active, you can purchase your Event Ticket via a link on this page.

Your advantages with the Event Ticket

  • You can travel freely during the 12 hours your Eventbillet is valid. This means that you can get on and off buses, trains and the metro as many times as you wish. This is practical if your event takes place in several locations throughout the city.
  • You choose the starting time of your Event Ticket's validity.
  • You can bring two children under the age of 12 along with you on your ticket free of charge.
  • You will have your Event Ticket at your fingertips in the DOT Tickets app.

Current events

There are no events currently.

You can buy your Event Ticket in two variants

Small Event Ticket

The tickets covers central Copenhagen incl. Copenhagen Airport (zones 1-4).

Validity: 12 hours
Price: 30 kr.

Large Event Ticket

The ticket covers the Greater Copenhagen area incl. central Copenhagen (zones 1-99).

Validity: 12 hours
Price: 60 kr.


Note: Two children under the age of 12 may travel free of charge with a paying adult.

Questions and answers about Event Ticket
Do you need more than one Event Ticket?

In the DOT Tickets app you can purchase several Event Tickets on one mobile phone.

You can also purchase Event Tickets on each of your phones. This way you are not dependent on traveling together all the time.

How do I see when my Event Ticket will expire?

You can see the expiration date and time on the ticket in the DOT Tickets app.

Is my Event Ticket valid for all buses, trains and metro?

Yes, all buses, trains and metro are included. The Event Ticket is also valid for the harbor buses which e.g. crosses the canal to The Opera.

Can I use the Event Ticket for the harbor bus?

Yes, the Event Ticket can be used for the harbor buses which among others stop at The Opera, Nyhavn and The Royal Library.

Will the Event Ticket make it cheaper for me to travel?

Besides making it very easy for you the Event Ticket is also a very cheap ticket. You only need very few trips before the Event Ticket is worth it.

What if my phone runs out of power?

It is your responsibility to charge your phone so the battery doesn't run out.

You will receive a ticket fine if you cannot show a valid ticket to the staff.