Terms and conditions for DOT Tickets app

DOT Tickets app is developed for Android and iOS smartphones (hereinafter referred to as ‘smartphone’) for the purposes of buying DOT tickets and commuter cards on Zealand, Lolland-Falster and Møn. The DOT Tickets app is provided and owned by Din Offentlige Transport (DOT), Gammel Køge Landevej 3, DK-2500 Valby, central business reg. (CVR) no. DK 38181793.

DOT is a partnership between the traffic companies DSB, Movia and Metroselskabet (“the Traffic Companies”) to create a better and more cohesive public transport system on Zealand and the islands.

Travel regulations

The journey is subject to the terms and conditions/travel regulations of the traffic company that is being used with a notification of whether there is a travel time guarantee or a travel guarantee, compensation for delays, replacement transportation, liability, refunds, etc.

Read about the travel guarantee for bus, train and metro (in Danish).

Read about the travel time guarantee for trains (in Danish).

Read about the shared national travel regulations and instructions on how to use cards and tickets (in Danish).


The tickets are only valid when they have been received on the smartphone and can be shown upon demand. This must be done before starting your journey.

A travel day on Commute20 is only valid when it is activated in the app, which must be done before starting your journey.

If you lose your smartphone, if it runs out of power, or if you are otherwise unable to present your mobile ticket for inspection or to make it available for scanning, e.g. because of a cracked screen, you will have to buy another ticket before commencing your journey. If you fail to do so, you must expect to be fined.

You must board the bus, train or Metro before your mobile ticket expires. After that, the mobile ticket is only valid for continuing your journey within the fare zones of validity, and you cannot change buses, trains or Metro trains.

Any copying, forgery or modification of DOT tickets or transfer of tickets to another person is punishable by law, and abuse can be reported to the police. Furthermore, it is a criminal offence to use tickets that have been copied or otherwise forged.

Tickets (2-8 zones) and City Passes are valid for an unlimited number of journeys by bus, train and Metro within the period and fare zones of validity.

Single tickets for 9 or more zones are valid for one natural direct journey from the departure zone to the destination zone by train, metro and bus on the day in which the ticket was bought. When changing modes of transportation, the rest of the journey must begin as soon as possible after the change.

Commuter cards and activated travel days on Commute20 are valid for an unlimited number of journeys by bus and train within the validity period and the selected zones. If you have purchased the Metro add-on for your commuter card / Commute20, it is also possible to travel by metro.

Tickets that are valid for an entire day and commuter cards that are valid for periods of 30–60 days are valid until 3:59:59 a.m. on the night after the last valid day. City Passes and zone tickets (1-8 zones) are valid for the time period listed on the ticket. An activated travel day on Commute20 is valid from the time of activation until the nearest at 03:59:59.

Before buying a bicycle ticket, please note that bicycle curfew rules apply. For further information on these rules, read more here.

Read more about ticket validity and ticket rules here.

Delivery and transfer of tickets

Tickets bought via the DOT Tickets app are delivered to and stored on the smartphone on which the app is installed and on the phone number that you have registered with. Therefore, you must confirm your phone number via an SMS code.

If you uninstall and reinstall the DOT Tickets app on your smartphone, or if you change your phone number, you can transfer your valid tickets, receipts and customer data yourself to your smartphone/new phone number if you have registered your email address. This is because you need to use your email to restore your user account. The email must be unique – i.e. it can only be used by one user registered with the app. If you have not provided your email, you can contact the customer service centre for assistance with the transfer.

Please note that there is a limit on how many times you can transfer tickets and commuter cards. Read more about transferring tickets and restoring a user account here.

It is not possible to print out tickets or commuter cards.

Ticket inspection

You must present your mobile ticket to the bus driver when boarding the bus and to ticket inspectors on the bus, train or Metro upon request. The ticket must be shown in the app so that the animation icon on the ticket is active. Zones and dates must be visible and, when asked, the control code on page 2 of the ticket must be both shown and scannable – the phone must also be connected to the internet if asked. Screenshots or other copies of tickets are not accepted as a valid travel document. Upon request, a valid form of ID must be shown together with the commuter card. Valid IDs include health insurance cards, student cards, driving licences and passports.

The ticket inspectors scanning your ticket must be able to verify the validity of your mobile ticket by scanning the Aztec code or making a control call to the mobile phone number for which the ticket was purchased. It is your responsibility to make sure that your smartphone is in a state that makes this possible. Please note that a cracked screen may make it impossible to scan the ticket.

Forgotten cards

If you have bought a commuter card and are a member of DSB Plus (free), you can sign up for the Forgotten Card service and avoid paying a penalty fare if your smartphone is, for example, out of power or left at home by mistake. This service only works in the S-trains and regional trains on Zealand, Lolland-Falster and Møn. The Forgotten Card service can be used 6 times per year. Read more about the Forgotten Card service here (in Danish).

If you have signed up for DSB Commuter Travel Time Guarantee (DSB Pendler Rejsetidsgaranti), you must remember to update your account in the Commuter Travel Time Guarantee system via dsb.dk – if relevant, with a new card number or travel area covered by the travel time guarantee.

Methods of payment/Payment card

You can pay with MobilePay or payment card in DOT Tickets app.

The following payment cards are accepted: Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. The amount is withdrawn from your account when the mobile ticket is delivered to your smartphone. Please note that there may be a partial or full limitation on the use of payment cards issued abroad.

The DOT Tickets app uses Reepay, which ensures that your payment is safe and certified. For all payment cards, there has been added an extra step of security in the payment process in the form of 3D Secure, which prevents your payment information from being misused by others. Dankort and Visa-Dankort use Dankort Secured by Nets. You can read more about safe payment at reepay.com and dibs.dk and. For further information on payment via the Internet, please see www.forbrug.dk.


By default, you will receive receipts for your purchases by e-mail. The receipt cannot be used as a ticket.

You can opt out of having receipts sent via e-mail in the app under the menu item 'Profile & receipts' and the submenu item 'Permissions'.

Receipts for all purchases in the app can also be found in the app under the menu item 'Profile & receipts' and the submenu item 'Purchase history'.


During the validity period of your tickets, it is not possible to change zones or validity period of the tickets. An activated travel day on Commute20 cannot be undone or changed.

Your card number on the commuter card will change if you choose a new zone combination. In rare cases, the zone composition may be adjusted under certain circumstances between a departure zone and a destination zone. Therefore, even if you have not made any changes when renewing your commuter card, the card number may change. If this happens, you will be notified of the change so that you can update your card number for the travel time guarantee or the Forgotten Card service.

If you bought the wrong zones or commuter card/Commute20 add-on (Metro or DSB 1’ Regional train), and the commuter card/Commute20 is still valid, you can ask to have the commuter card/Commute20 refunded and order a new one. It is not possible to refund commuter card/Commute20 add-ons separately.


Commuter cards and Commute20 can be refunded according to these rules:

• Before the commuter card or Commute20 becomes valid: Full refund
• During the commuter card validity period: DOT deducts the value of 8 days and days spent incl. the day the commuter card is refunded
• During the Commute20 validity period: DOT deducts the value of 5 days and the days spent
• After the expiration of the validity period: No refund

You can refund your commuter card or Commute20 from the app under the menu item ‘Notifications & help’. This is only possible if the payment card that you used for the purchase is still active. If not, please contact the customer service centre to get your commuter card or Commute20 refunded.

Read more about the rules for commuter card and Commute20 refunds here.

Mobile tickets are non-exchangeable, -changeable and -refundable. In special cases, mobile tickets may be refunded if they have not been used, for example, in case of faults or interruptions at the Traffic Companies. Refunds can only be made from one of the Traffic Companies’ customer centres.

Read about the rules for single ticket refunds her.


No fees are charged when you buy mobile tickets. However, depending on your phone contract, your telephone provider may charge you for the data transmitted via the DOT Tickets app.


DOT reserves the right to change its product specifications and is not responsible for any printing errors.

DOT reserves the right to discontinue supporting older operating systems.

If the app is being misused, DOT reserves the right to block users from using the app to buy tickets.


In case of errors or delivery failure, please contact:

Din Offentlige Transport
Tel. +45 70 15 70 00 

The transport companies that are part of Din Offentlige Transport are all members of Ankenævnet for Bus, Tog og Metro (the Appeal Board for Bus, Train and Metro). If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by one of the transport companies, you can therefore file a complaint with:

Ankenævnet for Bus, Tog og Metro, Automatikvej 1, DK-2860 Søborg, (www.abtm.dk), Telephone: +45 22 62 65 00.


Version 1.4, December 12th 2022