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Version 1.4, 18 January 2023

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DOT SMS Tickets are tickets for public transport by train, bus and metro in Zealand, Lolland-Falster and Møn, which are bought via SMS. A DOT SMS ticket is ordered by sending a text message to shortcode 1415, and the ticket is delivered to the mobile phone as an SMS.

The DOT SMS Tickets are provided and owned by Din Offentlige Transport (DOT), Gammel Køge Landevej 3, DK-2500 Valby, central business reg. (CVR) no. DK 38181793.

DOT is a partnership between the traffic companies DSB, Movia and Metroselskabet ("the Traffic Companies") to create a better and more cohesive public transport system on Zealand and the islands.

Travel regulations

The journey is subject to the terms and conditions/travel regulations of the traffic company that is being used with a notification of whether there is a travel time guarantee or a travel guarantee, compensation for delays, replacement transportation, liability, refunds, etc.

Read about the travel guarantee for bus, train and metro.

Read about the travel time guarantee for trains.

Read about the shared national travel regulations and instructions on how to use cards and tickets here.


The price for a DOT SMS ticket is the same as for ordinary tickets bought from ticket machines or by personal service in e.g., a bus.

When you buy a DOT SMS ticket, you will be informed of the price you have to pay, before you confirm the purchase.

SMS Carrier Fee

The service is free of charge, but you must pay for mobile data/ordinary SMS rates on your mobile phone.


DOT SMS Tickets are valid for an unlimited number of journeys by bus, train and metro within the validity period and fare zones.

When you order the ticket, you must specify the starting zone, station or bus stop from which you are traveling.
At https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/order_sms you will find instructions on how to order a DOT SMS ticket.

A DOT SMS ticket is valid from the time it is received and only on the phone number it was purchased for. You must receive the DOT SMS ticket before boarding. If you get on a bus, train or Metro before you have received the DOT SMS ticket, you are traveling without a valid means of transport.

If you lose your phone, if it runs out of power, or if you are otherwise unable to present your DOT SMS ticket for inspection or to make it available for scanning, e.g., because of a cracked screen, you will have to buy another ticket before commencing your journey. If you fail to do so, you must expect to be fined.

Any copying, forgery or modification of DOT SMS-tickets or transfer of tickets to another person is punishable by law, and abuse can be reported to the police. Furthermore, it is a criminal offence to use tickets that have been copied or otherwise forged.

You must board the bus, train or metro before your DOT SMS ticket expires. After that, the ticket is only valid for continuing your journey within the fare zones of validity, and you cannot change bus, train nor metro.

Before buying a Bicycle Metro ticket, please note that bicycle curfew rules apply. For further information on these rules, read more here: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/bicycle.

Read more about ticket validity and ticket rules here: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/dotapp_billetter_en.

Ticket inspection

Your DOT SMS ticket must be shown to the bus driver as you enter the bus, and to the ticket inspectors in any bus, train, or metro. The tickets’ 4 code lines must be visible for anyone inspecting the ticket.

Our ticket inspectors must be able to verify your DOT SMS ticket through various methods e.g., scanning the ticket, sending a validation message or a dial to the phone number, for which the DOT SMS ticket was purchased. This means you must ensure that your phone is in a condition where validation is possible. Note that a cracked screen may prevent the ticket from being scanned.


DOT SMS Tickets require a premium SMS service, so your telecom subscription must support this. Payment will be deducted from your phone bill via 4T and your phone company.


Missing a receipt? Read more right here: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/kvittering

You can also contact the company you travelled with to acquire the receipt - information on how to contact DOT Customer Support can be found here: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/en/customer-service/contact/contact-dot/


DOT SMS Tickets are non-exchangeable, -changeable and -refundable.

In special cases, DOT SMS Tickets may be refunded if they have not been used, for example, in case of faults or interruptions at the Traffic Companies. Refunds can only be made from one of the Traffic Companies’ customer centers.

Read about the rules for single ticket refunds here.

Blocked numbers

If any suspicion arises regarding possible misconduct, or any attempted misconduct is discovered, your phone number will be blocked without further notice.

Misconduct can be several uncompleted purchases, purchasing a ticket after the journey has already begun, or forwarding mobile tickets to another number.

Blocked customers will still be able to purchase tickets through the DOT Tickets app, Rejsekort or ticket machines.

In rare cases of extreme misconduct with mobile tickets, the linked phone number may also be blocked in the DOT Tickets app. 

Any complaints regarding blocked numbers must be directed to DOT Customer Support.

Subject to change

Pricing structure, tax changes, currency changes, print mistakes and force majeure are all subject to change.

Right of cancellation

The right of cancellation is not applicable to DOT SMS Tickets. For more information, please visit Forbrugerstyrelsen at www.forbrug.dk.


In case of errors or delivery failure, please contact:

Din Offentlige Transport
Tel. +45 70 15 70 00

The transport companies that are part of Din Offentlige Transport are all members of Ankenævnet for Bus, Tog og Metro (the Appeal Board for Bus, Train and Metro). If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by one of the transport companies, you can therefore file a complaint with:

Ankenævnet for Bus, Tog og Metro, Automatikvej 1, 2860 Søborg (www.abtm.dk).