Travel Guarantee for Metro

If the metro is delayed by half an hour or longer, we will refund your expenses if you have to use alternative transportation. Alternative transportation may be a taxi, renting a bicycle or electric scooter, or use of a shared car service. We will only cover expenses if the alternative transportation is publicly accessible and delivered by a VAT registered company with a CVR-number. Initially, you must pay yourself, but we will refund up to 300 DKK if the conditions for a refund apply.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +45 7015 7000.

To receive a refund of your expenses, the following conditions apply:

  • The travel guarantee is only in effect on the line that is affected by the disruption in train service, i.e., either M1/M2 or M3/M4.
  • Alternative transportation must commence from within a radius of 250 metres of a metro station on the line that suffers from the disruption. Furthermore, the destination must also be within a radius of 250 metres of a station on the affected line. Therefore, transportation from a station on M1/M2 to a station on M3/M4 or vice versa is not eligible for refund, unless the entire system is disrupted.
  • Your receipt must include start and end location, distance, time, number of minutes and amount in Danish kroner
  • The means of transportation must be publicly available – for example, a shared car between neighbours/family/colleagues/housing cooperative and the like is not allowed
  • The means of transportation must belong to a named, VAT registered company with a CVR-number
  • The means of transportation must be approved for professional carriage

Collect a Travel Guarantee pamphlet on the station or download it as PDF (so you can print it out). In the leaflet you will find a coupon that you can fill out and send to Metro Customer Service along with the original taxi receipt. You can also submit the information and upload the taxi receipt via the contact form, which you will find under customer service – choose Travel Guarantee.

It is a condition for reimbursement that the taxi ride started at a Metro station that experienced a delay. The Metro cannot take responsibility for reimbursement for other costs caused by the delay.

The guarantee is not valid in case of:

  • Planned changes, where the Metro has given enough notice, meaning the day before at the latest
  • Force Majeure (events that the Metro cannot influence, avoid or predict, and are of extraordinary character, such as fire, uncommon natural events, as well as person collisions.)

Write to:

Metro Customer Service
Metro Service
Metrovej 3
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Mark the envelope "Travel guarantee"

Please note: The guarantee applies for three months after the receipt has been issued.