Apply for Travel Guarantee

If the bus, train or metro is delayed, you are, under certain circumstances, covered by the travel guarantees.

Below you will find the circumstances under which the travel guarantee applies to you. Choose your means of transport to read more about your application options.

If you have any questions, please contact DOT’s Customer Service on +45 70 15 70 00.

In these situations you are usually covered by a travel guarantee:

Buses/local trains

- If the bus or local train is delayed more than 20 minutes.
- If the bus drove by even though you were waiting visibly at the bus top.
- If the local train did not stop even if you had pressed ‘stop’ in advance.

Other trains

- If the train is delayed more than 30 minutes.


- If the metro is delayed more than 30 minutes.

Read more about European legislation and passenger rights.