Reimbursement of commuter pass

Commuter Passes that are not used or only partially used are refunded without explanation. The refund rules differ depending on whether the Commuter Pass is in card form, in the app, or on the Rejsekort.

Refund for Commuter Pass in apps

If you purchased a Commuter Pass in the DSB app you can get the pass refunded in the app at no charge.

If you purchased a Commuter Pass in the DOT Mobilpendlerkort app, you can get the card refunded by contacting DOT customer service on +45 70 15 70 00. There is no charge.

The Commuter Pass in the app on Zealand and the islands carries the same refund rules on Rejsekort Commuter Pass, Rejsekort with Season Pass and the Commuter Pass in the DSB app.

The Commuter Pass in the app has a non-refundable period of 8 days. This means that the remaining period minus 8 days will be refunded if you want the card refunded before the end of its validity period.

If you want a refund on a Commuter Pass that has not yet been used, you can get it refunded without any amount being deducted. Please note that in case of refunds on unused Commuter Passes in which the first validity date has been exceeded, an amount will be deducted equal to 8 days plus the day(s) for which it has been valid.

Refund for Commuter Pass in card form

For Commuter Passes in card form, double the cash ticket price is deducted per day for the first 3 days and then 5% per day of the balance remaining after 3 days. A pass will thus have no value after 22 days. All days in excess of 30 are fully refunded – even after the period exceeding 30 days has begun.

The fare is always based on the zone number that the Commuter Pass is priced for, regardless of whether a cheaper fare could have been used for the current journey.

Cards purchased in advance are fully refundable if the first day of validity has not been exceeded.

See how your reimbursement is calculated

For all forms of reimbursement and changes made via personal service or via the DOT Webshop, a handling fee of DKK 40 is charged.

Lost cards are refunded in accordance with special rules in DSB and Movia, respectively.

It is possible to be refunded a portion of the validity period of your Commuter Pass card purchased before 20 January. However, the way in which you can do this varies depending on where the card was purchased.

For cards purchased at a DSB sales outlet, such as a DSB ticket vending machine, DSB 7-Eleven or DSB Sales and Service, you can get it refunded at the sales outlet.

Cards purchased at a Movia sales outlet, such as in Meny, Spar, a kiosk, etc. cannot be refunded at a Movia sales outlet after 20 January. For a refund, it must be sent to Movia with a refund form. Refund forms are available at the sales outlet where you purchased your card.

Refunds in case of illness or death

In the case of a documented illness, reimbursement can be made retroactively. Write to:

Movia Customer Service
Gammel Køge Landevej 3
DK-2500 Valby

You must enclose the card as well as a medical certificate or documentation from a hospital stating that during the period in question you were not able to use the bus, train and Metro.

In case of death, reimbursement can also be made with retroactive effect. A copy of the probate certificate must be enclosed.

Refunds for Rejsekort Commuter Pass and Rejsekort Season Pass

You can be refunded the remaining period of your Rejsekort Commuter Pass or Rejsekort with Season Pass minus the eight day charge. The amount will be refunded to your NemKonto.

Rejsekort Commuter Pass and Rejsekort with Season Pass can be refunded on, at selected serviced sales outlets or by calling Rejsekort Customer Service on +45 70 11 33 33.