Inspection fee on the bus

If you disagree with the inspection fee issued in one of our busses, you can make a complaint within two weeks from when the inspection fee was issued.

Frequently asked questions
Can I have the fee reduced?

Inspection fees are the same for everyone. Having an inspection fee reduced is not possible. Please note that Movia do not offer installment agreements, student discounts or the likes.

If you have a valid, prepaid, personal monthly pass, but you were unable to present it to the ticket inspector, you can have the inspection fee reduced to DKK 125. You have to fill out our complaint form, and attach a copy of the card within 14 days from when the fee was issued.

Other types of tickets are not personal and therefore not accepted for a reduction of the inspection fee. If you travel with such tickets, you are responsible for being able to present them in the control situation.

How do I pay the inspection fee?

On the invoice you will find a FIK-code (+71 < XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+80456859), which you can use to pay the inspection fee in your bank or via online banking.

You can also pay the inspection fee here.

If you wish to pay the inspection fee from a foreign bank account, you need the information below:

Danske Bank A/S
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 København K
IBAN: DK4330000011830498 4183 – Account no. 0011830498

Please note that you have to advise the inspection fee number (fakturanr.) and customer number (kundenr.) as reference. Both numbers can be found on the invoice.

Please note that Movia do not offer installment agreements, student discounts or the likes.

Can I complain about the decision Movia makes about my inspection fee?

You have the opportunity to appeal against the decision that Movia makes about your complaint to the Appeal Board for Bus, Train and Metro. Complaints to the Appeal Board must be filed in a complaint form, which you can find in English at The Appeal Board charge a fee to process a complaint.

Ankenævnet for Bus, Tog og Metro
Automatikvej 1 
DK-2860 Søborg
+45 22 62 65 00

Will appealing make any difference?

According to the general rules of transportation, it is your responsibility as a customer, to be in possession of a valid ticket or card at all times during your journey with the public transportation system. It is also your responsibility to be able to present your ticket or card at all times to the ticket inspectors when requested.

If you fail to do so, you will receive a fee, which you will have to pay within two weeks from the date it was issued.

If you have a personal prepaid and valid travel pass and forgot it at home, you can send us a copy or photo of it. If you send it within two weeks from when the fee was issued, we can reduce the amount of the fee.

Please note that the staff of Movia have no way of telling what the reason for the absent ticketing is. All ticketing offences are ‘strict liability’. This means whether or not it was caused by knowingly evasion of the fare, a misunderstanding, oversight or other causes, it has no relevance. Movia only look at whether valid ticketing was presented at the time of control or not.

Do you still want to appeal?

Write us using the form below

Other - inquiry

  1. If you have an existing case, please reply to the e-mail you received from Movia without changing the subject line

  2. If you complain on behalf of another person, you must attach a power of attorney or be a parent to/legal guardian for the person *

  3. PLEASE NOTE that our decision about the complaint is sent to this e-mail

  4. You can find your inspection fee number on the top of the paper slip, you received on the bus or on your invoice

  5. You can find your rejsekort number on your card

  6. I have talked to the chauffeur about my ticket, when I got on the bus *

  7. My inquiry also concerns the conversation with the ticket inspector *

  8. If you have to attach multiple files, you have to select them at the same time