Misuse of passes and tickets

Misuse of travel documents may constitute a criminal offence.

A travel document must not be misused. For example, it is considered misuse if:

  • The date or zones are corrected or other changes are made.
  • The number on the information card of the Commuter Pass and the value entries are not the same.
  • The travel document has been forged, shared or forwarded.
  • The photo on the Commuter Pass is not attached with an unbroken rivet or the laminated pocket is open.
  • The customer travels on a different customer category than the customer is entitled to.
  • The customer travels alone on someone else’s personal Rejsekort (travel card) or travel document. The card owner must always be checked in themselves on the journeys where the personal Rejsekort is used.

Misuse of travel documents may constitute a criminal offence. Abuse will result in the travel document being confiscated, the circumstance will be reported to the police, and the company can claim damages in addition to the general inspection fee.

In the case of the misuse of mobile tickets, where there is reason to suspect abuse or violation of the rules both the sender and recipient of the travel document can be prosecuted and/or blocked for the future purchase of mobile tickets/cards.


The traffic companies can block a mobile number for the purchase of mobile tickets via DOT SMS Tickets and/or DOT Tickets app for a limited period. Blocking can occur if misuse or attempted misuse is detected by the system.

Examples of misuse of the system can be multiple orders that are not confirmed, purchase after boarding or similar.

For complaints about blocking please contact DOT Customer Service.