Travel Guarantee

Movia provides a travel guarantee under certain circumstances.

Frequently asked questions
Does Movia refund my expenses for a taxi if the bus does not arrive or departs without me?

Yes, provided that the conditions are met, including your sending us the taxi receipt along with your application.

How much compensation can I get if I take a taxi?

You can receive compensation up to DKK 300.

Why do you need my CPR number?

We need it in order to make a cash disbursement to your NemKonto.

Please note that you must provide all of the digits. The connection is encrypted and thus secure.

How do I apply for a travel guarantee/refund for taxi expenses?

You can write to us using the link "Write to Movia" below.

What can I do if my application for a travel guarantee/refund for taxi expenses is rejected?
Is travel with a local train covered by the Movia travel guarantee?

Yes, service disruptions on the local train are also covered by Movia’s travel guarantee.

Read about the conditions here

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