Traffic information

Frequently asked questions
Where can I find information on changes to bus services?

Changes to bus services may be of such short duration (for example, in the case of a traffic accident) that there isn’t time to get the information out to passengers.

You can stay updated on Rejseplanen or here:

Why did I get an incorrect departure time?

Because the times derive from GPS systems in the buses and are an estimate of when the bus will be at your stop.

If traffic slows or there are delays that get worse and worse, it can mean that the numbers slow – or even increase.

At times you can also get departure times where the bus unfortunately does not arrive. This can happen if our data is not fully updated, for example in the case of emergency service changes, or if the bus needs to be cancelled.

We are of course working continuously to improve our digital information.

Why did the ’SMS 1250’ service inform me that the bus would come when it didn’t arrive?

When you text the system behind ‘SMS 1250’ it sends you an estimate of when the bus will arrive at your stop. But in some rare situations, our system is unfortunately not smart enough.

It may take some time before the system can provide the correct information if the bus is very late or even cancelled entirely.

We are working on improving this.

Why can’t I read about service changes or cancelled/delayed buses at the stop?

Keep up-to-date here:

What is Movia doing to improve digital traffic information at the bus stop?

Movia is constantly working to improve digital information and to reduce the number of cases where it is unfortunately not good enough.

We are aware that there are situations where information is lacking.

We are pleased to receive messages from passengers when this occurs so we can use this feedback to provide better information in the future.

What is the best way to plan my journey?

Always use digital media when planning your journey.

Both and Rejseplanen are updated with the latest changes and traffic information.