It is a big, complicated puzzle when Movia puts together its schedules for the bus lines. Planning takes place with the municipalities and regions in which the buses operate. The timetables must attempt to meet passengers’ needs while working with limitations imposed by available resources.

Frequently asked questions
Does it help to write to Movia?

Movia appreciates suggestions and feedback that we use in the follow-up of bus operations. All enquiries are taken seriously and processed.

Can I change the timetable?

Many aspects must be taken into consideration when designing timetables.

The buses often have connections at multiple places where passengers must switch to trains or to another bus.

Customer suggestions and input for timetables are included in the forward planning on which Movia and the municipalities/regions cooperate.

Can you put more buses on the routes?

Unfortunately, not always. Movia does not own the buses and how many buses are on the routes is a matter of supply and demand.

All changes are made in dialogue with municipalities and regions that determine the level of service.

What do you do to ensure that bus and train timetables are aligned?

Movia does its best to ensure that the greatest amount possible of passengers are satisfied with the timetable.

However, it is an impossible task to make all connections dovetail – especially on long routes with many passengers and connecting points.