Tickets, zones and prices

Here you can get answers to questions and enquire about tickets, zones and prices

You can find information about all types of tickets and passes under Tickets, and see prices for the most used tickets and passes under Prices.

Read about zones under The zone system.

Frequently asked questions
Can I get my ticket refunded?

In some cases you may be refunded your ticket purchase.

Read more under: Reimbursement

Can I pay with cash on the bus?

Yes, you can.

Please note that the driver can only provide change up to the nearest DKK 100.

How do I buy a mobile ticket for the bus?

You can buy mobile tickets using our DOT Tickets app

Please note that it must be received on your phone before you board the bus.

Read more about DOT Tickets app

What do I do if I didn’t check out with my Rejsekort?

If you forget to check out, you can use the Check Udvej app.

Read more about Check Udvej app.

How many people can be checked in with a Rejsekort?

You can check in up to 29 people per Rejsekort.

We recommend that you use the check-in guide. You will then be prepared for your journey.

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Write to Movia about tickets, zones and prices  (form only available in Danish)

If your enquiry is regarding technical assistance for apps and SMS, you can find answers and contact us on our help page for the DOT Tickets app