Driver and personnel

Movia’s goal is to ensure that public transport is as attractive as possible to users, and we have high standards for the behaviour and service of drivers and staff.

When contacting Movia about drivers and staff, it is important that you include as much information as possible. Relevant information may include:

  • The 4-digit number that can be seen inside the bus and several places on the exterior
  • The driver in question or the appearance of the ticket inspector
  • The vehicle registration plate of the bus

All details can help to speed up the process. 

Frequently asked questions
What sort of information does Movia need?

There are approximately 4,000 drivers who drive more than 1,000 buses for Movia. In order to identify the right driver, it is important to have information that’s as precise as possible.

It would be a big help if you can provide the bus’s 4-digit number that can be seen inside the bus and several places on the exterior.

Can I lodge an anonymous complaint?

Movia cannot accept an anonymous complaint as the enquiry can have serious consequences for the driver. However, the driver will not be made aware of your personal information.

Who is responsible for the driver?

Drivers are employed by private operators to which Movia has outsourced operations. Movia therefore has no direct contact with the individual drivers. However, we handle all enquiries about drivers in collaboration with the personnel manager at the operator serving the specific line.

Who handles ticket inspection on the bus?

Ticket inspection is primarily done by Movia’s own inspectors, but we also cooperate with Securitas.

All ticket inspectors carry visible ID and follow the same guidelines for good service.

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Write to Movia about Drivers and staff (form only available in Danish)