Public transport must be as reliable as possible, and therefore Movia has high standards for its buses keeping to the timetable.

Movia has GPS in all buses that send information about times back to us. This is how we ensure our ability to continuously follow up and assess whether there is a need for adjustments to bus departures.

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Note that the times in the timetable are indicative. The bus can drive on up to 2 minutes before or after the displayed departure time.
Frequently asked questions
What are the reasons that a bus can be delayed?

Reasons typically include traffic, a high volume of passengers, road works and changes to the route in connection with events in the city.

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When are peak hours?

Peak hours are weekdays between 7-9 and 15-18.

We constantly try to adapt the timetables to the traffic conditions

Is the bus allowed to leave the stop ahead of schedule?

Yes, the bus is allowed to leave up to 2 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

The timetable times are indicative as the bus may be delayed by traffic.

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write to movia about delays  (form only available in Danish)