At the bus stop

Movia has a lot of stops throughout Zealand. If you have a question about these stops, you should thus include as much information as possible.

Frequently asked questions
Who is responsible for the bus stop?

Movia is responsible for the bus shelter map, bus stop pole and the digital display found on the pole in some areas.

All other design and maintenance for the stop is a municipal task - contact those responsible in your municipality.

The same applies to the digital information displays that are located inside the shelter in some places.

Is the bus allowed to drive past without stopping?

Generally speaking, the driver must stop to take waiting passengers.

However, there may be cases where the driver is requested by their operations centre to drive past the stop to avoid more buses on the same line that will arrive immediately after each other.

In some cases the bus may be so full that there is no room for more passengers and therefore the driver has to drive past the stop.

Why didn’t the driver wait for me even though he/she had seen me?

The driver most likely had signalled to leave the stop and was in the process of getting the bus moving.

Once the bus has signalled, it is illegal to stop to take on more passengers.

Why did I get an incorrect departure time?

Because the times derive from GPS systems in the buses and are an estimate of when the bus will be at your stop.

If traffic slows or there are delays that get worse and worse, it can mean that the numbers slow – or even increase.

At times you can also get departure times where the bus unfortunately does not arrive. This can happen if our data is not fully updated, for example in the case of emergency service changes, or if the bus needs to be cancelled.

We are of course working continuously to improve our digital information.

Why did the ’SMS 1250’ service inform me that the bus would come when it didn’t arrive?

When you text the system behind ‘SMS 1250’ it sends you an estimate of when the bus will arrive at your stop.

But in some rare situations, our system is unfortunately not smart enough.

It may take some time before the system can provide the correct information if the bus is very late or even cancelled entirely.

We are working on improving this.

Why is there no information on changes at the stop?

We have chosen to gather all the information concerning service changes on

Here we can best ensure that the information is updated and correct.

It is therefore always a good idea to check the website, which can be accessed from your smartphone when you are on the go.

Keep up-to-date here:

How do I avoid the bus driving past me at the stop?

We recommend that you stand in clear view of the approaching bus and indicate that you wish to board the bus. 

If you remain sitting in the shelter or look like someone who is not waiting for the bus, for example, if you are busy with your mobile phone or your back is turned, the driver can interpret this to mean that you are not waiting for the bus.

If you are in a dark place, it’s a good idea to make yourself visible - possibly with the light from your smartphone or a reflector.

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